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How to Upload skins on the forum???

Sun Dec 25, 2011 9:56 am by Fieryboi

In the 'Skin Sharing' section, everyone is able to share their skins whether self-made or not. You can download the skins put up in this section for free.

How to Upload your own skins?
Go to a hosting site such as and upload your skin file there. After that, click on 'My files' and right click on your skin file and click 'Copy link'. Once done, create a new thread in this forum and paste your link to allow people to download your skin.

Also remember to include a screenshot of your skin so that people know what they are downloading. How? Take a screenshot by pressing f12 in Getamped and upload your picture to an image hosting website such as . When done, copy the IMG code and paste it in your thread.

Give a name to your thread and WOALLAAHH! YOUR DONE!!! cheers

I hope that you will not only download skins but share your skins too!

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How do you get the skins in the Premium Section?

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How do you get the skins in the Premium Section?

Post  Fieryboi on Sun Dec 25, 2011 9:40 am

Method 1:
-Contribute at least 5 skins at the 'Skin sharing' section. Click this link to find out how to upload skins:
-Once that is done, reply to this thread stating that you have uploaded 5 skins.
-I will check and promote your forum account into a Premium Member.
-Now, you can go to any of the threads in the 'Premium skins' section and put your email there, so that i can send you the skin for absolutely FREE!!! (I will assume that your email is used in a Messenger and i will add you as contact. Otherwise, please state if you do not use a Messenger)

Method 2:
This method will save you the trouble of contributing skins
-Reply to this thread, and state your email so that I can add you into msn Messenger(Otherwise state that you do not use a Messenger)
-Pay me 5k @cash to become a premium member. (If you do not have a 5k @cash prepaid card, you can pay 10k @cash. However, there will be no refund.)
-Once the transaction is done, I will promote your account into a Premium Member.

Please do not attempt to scam me with the transaction of @cash as it is a very serious offense! Sad

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